Kellermeister Wild Witch Shiraz 2014 (JH97)

97 points – James Halliday (2014)
Gold Medal – London International Wine Competition 2018

Double Gold – China Wine & Spirits Competition (2013)
Gold Medal – Vienna International Wine Competition (2013)
96 points – James Halliday (2012) 
Gold Medal (95 points)  – Wine Showcase (2012) 
Gold Medal – Vienna International Wine Challenge, 2014 (2011)
Gold Medal – China Wine & Spirit Awards, 2014 (2011)

“Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”


產地:Barossa Valley, Australia 澳洲巴羅莎谷
品種:Shiraz 西拉子
酒評:明亮的深紅色調。 芳香成熟的梅子,黑櫻桃,桑子、黑胡椒、肉桂、茴香和肉荳蔻的香味。 口感豐富,均勻而飽滿,提供黑色水果、黑巧克力和香料風味,細膩而耐嚼的單寧持久。
Bright crimson hue. Aromatic ripe plum, light and dark cherry, mulberry, with spices of whole black peppercorns, cinnamon, aniseed and nutmeg. The palate is rich, even and full, offering savoury black fruits, dark chocolate and spice with a fine yet chewy integrated tannin profile finishing long and persistent.


Kellermeister Wines

Kellermeister is rated in the top 7% of Australian producers and Five Red Stars in Wine Companion by Australia’s most authoritative and acclaimed wine critic, James Halliday. The winery was originally founded by Ralph Jones in 1976 and named in honour of his German mother, who died when he was a young boy and whose maiden name he recalled as being ‘Keller’ before being anglicized. Kellermeister has the title of “Killer Master” among Australians, which shows the strength in the whole country.

Kellermeister被澳洲最權威的酒評人James Halliday評選為澳洲最優質的7%酒莊及紅五星酒莊 — 傑出的釀酒廠定期生產具有典型品質和特色的葡萄酒。Kellermeister 由Ralph Jones成立於1976年,名字源於記念Jones的德國籍母親。而Kellermeister在澳洲當地有“Killer Master”的稱號 (葡萄酒殺手大師),擁有風靡全國的實力。

Barossa (巴羅莎)
澳大利亞最古老,最頂級的葡萄酒產區之一。該地區溫暖的大陸性氣候促進了非常葡萄熟成。大部分巴羅莎的西拉子葡萄藤以老藤為著名, 亦集中擁有全世界最多的100到150年的老葡萄藤,其果味非常濃郁,充滿層次與韻味。








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