Koonowla A.J.M Reserve Clare Valley Shiraz 2014



產地:Clare Valley, Australia 澳洲克萊爾谷
品種:Shiraz 西拉子
Rich forest fruit, mocha, spice, and French oak on the nose. This wine has elegance and subtlety.


Koonowla Wines

Koonowla is one of the Clare Valley’s largest and most historic vineyard properties. The Koonowla property, just east of Auburn in the Clare Valley of South Australia, was first planted with vines in the 1890s. The vineyard, comprising of blocks of carefully selected terroir planted with the three best Clare Valley varietals of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Riesling as well as a small block of both Merlot and Semillon, is today one of the best examples of high quality and sustainable viticulture.

The Koonowla winemakers, David O’Leary and Nick Walker share with Andrew Michael the principal of Koonowla the passion for producing high quality Estate grown regional wines. The wine styles being pursued by Koonowla and their team are a blend of unashamed Clare tradition with modern wine making practices.

Koonowla是Clare Valley最具歷史意義的葡萄園之一。 Koonowla位於南澳大利亞克萊爾山谷的奧本以東,於1890年代首次種植葡萄葡萄園由精心挑選的風土條件組成,種植了赤霞珠、西拉子和雷司令三個最好的克萊爾谷葡萄品種,以及小量的梅洛和賽美蓉,如今是高品質和可持續葡萄栽培的最佳典範之一

Koonowla的釀酒師David O’Leary和Nick Walker,與Koonowla的莊主Andrew Michael展現了生產高品質葡萄酒的熱情。 Koonowla及其團隊追求的葡萄酒風格,實踐融合高要求的克萊爾傳統與現代釀酒方法。

Clare Valley (克萊爾谷)
澳大利亞最古老的葡萄酒產區之一,以雷司令和赤霞珠葡萄酒而聞名。屬於中等大陸性氣侯,有涼爽到寒冷的夜晚,溫暖到炎熱的夏季。 與南澳大利亞其他葡萄酒產區相比,海拔更高,即使在炎熱 的夏季也能確保涼爽的夜晚,讓水果更均勻,更緩慢地熟成。


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