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“Kesehills Wine希望將世界各地的精品酒莊帶給懂得品嚐紅酒的人,為你們提供高性價比的葡萄酒。經過數個月不斷在澳洲努力尋找,Kesehills Wine很高興宣布成為Kellermeister 香港及澳門總代理。” — Kesehills founder (Sally Hui)
“In 2017, Kesehills was searching good quality of boutique wine from Australia. We are proudly announce the agreement with Mark to become the exclusive importer of Kellermeister for Hong Kong & Macau. “ Kesehills founder (Sally Hui)

Kellermeister Ralph Jones成立於1976年,名字源於記念Jones的德國籍母親。而Kellermeister在澳州當地有“Killer Master”的稱號葡萄酒殺手大師。 

Kellermeister was originally founded by Ralph Jones in 1976 and named in honour of his German mother, who died when he was a young boy and whose maiden name he recalled as being ‘Keller’ before being anglicized.

2012年,KellermeisterMark Pearce購入並接手退休的Jones成為第二代莊主,以家庭形式經營。在Mark的帶領下Kellermeister成功躋身國際舞台,分別在London The International Wine Challenge 2012拿下 ”World’s Best Shira””Australia’s Best Shiraz” ”Barossa Best Shiraz”。亦在2013年得到”Barossa’s Best GSM” (Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro)。時至今天,Kellermeister已被澳洲最權威的酒評人James Halliday評選為澳洲最優質的5%酒莊(紅五星)。

Kellermeister is owned and operated by the Pearce family. Under Mark’s leadership the winery achieved significant success on the world’s biggest stage, the International Wine Challenge, in London in 2012 being awarded the World’s Best Shiraz, Australia’s Best Shiraz and the Barossa’s Best Shiraz and then followed up in 2013 being awarded the Barossa’s Best Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro. Today the winery is rated in the top 5% of Australian producers by Australia’s most authoritative and acclaimed wine critic, James Halliday.

著名酒評家James Halliday 公佈年度評分,騎士山酒業獨家代理Kellermeister Wild Witch 2014喜得97/100高分!同一系列”Rocamora” Ancestor Vine Grenache更奪98/100,成為最高分澳洲Grenache葡萄酒。


The annual 2019 Halliday Wine Companion Awards releases. Kellermeiter received 97/100 for our current release, 2014 Wild Witch. The winery also get equal highest score for Grenache in Australia (98/100) for my 2015 “Rocamora” Ancestor Vine Grenache!

Kesehills wine 獨家代理 Kellermeister 2015 Black Sash Shiraz取得法國the Syrah du Monde國際葡萄酒大賽金獎!

Kellermeister’s 2015 Black Sash Shiraz won gold in the Syrah du Monde international wine competition in France!!

We're over the moon with the judges' endorsement of the inaugural release of my new flagship Shiraz, The Meister, which is another step up from our very popular Wild Witch and Black Sash Shiraz's.
Mark Pearce

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