騎士山KESEHILLS品酒晚宴 Kesehills Wine Dinner @Shenzhen


Koonowla莊主Andrew. J. Michael 完成香港站後,騎士仔領他來到深圳,介紹他的旗艦紅酒AJM Reserve,限量3個木桶。我們很榮幸能夠成為此限量美酒的第一批品嘗者。

Kesehills and the owner of Koonowla, Andrew J. Michael, headed north to Shenzhen for a wine dinner shortly after a memorable trip in Hong Kong. We are honored to be one of the first groups to taste the signature wine of Koonowla: A.J.M. Reserve 2014, which limited to 3 barrels.

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